Life:Relations: July 1, 2013


So My Previous Relationship Was a Off and On Thing For about 5 years. The “Off” Was Always Weird. *U’re Never Free*. She Has A Child.. That I grew to Love Dearly, I really do.. Now I dont Have Any Children Of My Own, So im Not Sure where my place is on these off times. *I watch Folk Continue a Healthy Relationship wit children during the “Off”* And I wanna Do The Same, But I guess There’s Not Enough “Parental Battery” In my Back. * That Parent Intuition.. The Vibe… The sick Feelin of seperation n such*.. Its Like I feel All That, But not that deep and i think Of Course.. Im Not a Parent. But i Feel It.. I wanna do it how i see fit, or atleast the best possible way.. maintaining a healthy wit “Ms” as well. I dont think She believes In it Tho.. You’d think i Missed some Sort Of memo, But Yea… I’m Pretty Sure its a pinch Of Resentment towards me.. **Our Relation is another story SMDs*… but in One breath she’ll tell me He’s Lookin For me..askin about me.. and i dont need permission 2 check him..etc.. but when i do reach out.. its all kinds of FOH .. and u dont care”, leave us alone.”etc.. ..*Maybe Not Enough, Or To Her standards* ..Puts me in a Weird Place… She’ll Say Things like i pick him up n down at my leisure .. and no. I disagree.* I have to put myself in the responsible position as a adult to take care of a child.which i havent..Pardon.…..But… Its This Wall She puts Up.. That makes communication difficult..and such.. You’d Think 5 years in we’d have a better bond as adults.. But again *Our Relation .. A Different Story*. So Its Hard.. I could Speculate n assume.. but i dont know.. In Conclusion: Its A killjoy, the confusion i put myself thru.. i could easily say fck it.. but thats not where my heart is.. Its not like me and her child didnt bond.. Im Not tryna be in and out.. But Where There’s No obligation and lack of communication.. what can i do.. but overstep my boundary.. I have no say so.. technically. But its being perceived as if i dont give a fck.. That shit aint right.. Pardon My Heart..

So Yep.. Baby Momma Drama. Aint even got no Babies”…

I Love Yall… 



So I’ve Concluded my place Here… *This Blog World* . I Will Use This To Share My thoughts.. My Poetry *Failed Rhymes, Hol On* , Fun Facts *Spazz Facts, Common Shit*, My Taste In Tunes *I use To Believe My Taste in Music Was “Different”.. But Its a New Day in Age.. I Dont Stand Out Here Anymore, Random Rants About Life…**I tend to Lose my train of thought alot** so Yea.. 

Welcome To The Back Of The Cafe.


Yep.. I ask Myself.. How come i post countless statuses and tweets.. *Good Fckin Thoughts At That*, but i fail to use my tumblr to put it all down as one Complete Thought.. Thats What Bloggin is *I Guess??*.. not just spurts of “one Liner wisdom”… I have no clue how i linked my soundcloud activity to this, but damn sure not my idea.. fck that….

Anywho… While Im Talkin About it.. i figure i dont type essays worth of wisdom.. cuz i have trust issues.. or belief issues.. *whatever the fck”.. I Dont think Folk Give Much Of Fck To Actually Relate To This Shit *My Shit Atleast*… I’m Pretty Sure Im Not The Only Lost Soul.. Mid Twenties.. Lookin For the Right Away… So I dont get into my day to day shit.. or express the day to day stuff.. We’re All In This World.. I dont have To Explain In Details How The World Gets “Under my Skin"… I Just Say It!.. Mayb.. You Cant Relate.. mayb only base we can meet at is the first one.. Before the “Why’s n Whats”…  

So Again.. I said This often enough “im workin on it”..*Btches Get tired of Hearin That Shit* .. Thoughts As I Think..

Evening World… 


Im Not How Sure Jesus Did It… But Im Over The Whole Good Character, have a Heart SHit…

5 years ago.. i was reminded to value life.. but i didnt.. Not My Own At least.. Just Tried to Be Better By People.. And Its Been a Struggle.. Ups , Downs,.. I Took MY wisdom From It.. and Its Cool..But Im Over It.. The Feedback Ive Been Receiving For The Last Few Months.. were constant Reminders.. that Yea i Had a Grip At Some Point.. So Embrace It..

And I Guess The Time To Grow Is Now.. The Next Step Is in my Hand…

So Back To MY Point.. Fck Shit.. In The simplest Form..  Imma Take Life How Its Dished.. n Dish It Back.. Follow My Own Lead…Be Me… Nothin Is Everything.Trust Me…… _ Shrugs _…

RIP Pops..Our Day Is Tomorrow…

If u follow.. I wont pardon the time gap::.
Its Goin on 5 years since pops past in about a Week::..and Shit i been in a Funk Since He Left.. Fck it .. Its Natural.. But i gotta Move on…Before.. I had a sense of self peace that i lost..and took down a drain.. Of bullshit.. Drugs.. Heavy drinkin.. Fck ass decisions..etc..and it took its toll.. And actually Caught up to me in Spirit::. The day is upon me.. And instead of cryin n such.. Imma Just live.. Remember wat the fck made me .. Me.. Find that peace i once had.. This Status Alone is just acknowledging it Out loud.. This is my last apologies for anything before any and everyone i wronged..i may not have been totally aware of the quarrels i brought upon people.. Mayb i was.. But im Sorry if u felt pain on my behalf.. From this day forward.. I wont have a reason to apologies to no one but God.. Only Lord Knows How i will Handle life from this day on.. But if i could help.. I’ll have a better point n and interest::. Despite this shit being long..its wat i needed to state to myself .. Fck you.. Ive resurfaced.. And as the moon shines. i say good morning.. And Goodbyes.. Cuz Some of yall never got a chance to really kno me.. Praises to the Most High and Forgive me in Advance.. I Got It::.

Back Around…

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On Her BoE Shit.. #DarkSide #BlakOut 
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On Her BoE Shit.. #DarkSide #BlakOut 

Via - Kathy

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